BRIDES Chicago: 6 Delicious Gluten-Free Cake Options in the Windy City

BRIDES Chicago: 6 Delicious Gluten-Free Cake Options in the Windy City

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Gluten-free brides rejoice! You can have your wedding cake, and eat it too. These six Chicago bakeries are set to handle your allergies (or diet preferences, whatever the case may be) with cakes so delicious guests won't be able to taste the difference.


The bakery specializes in old-fashioned desserts for the gluten-free crowd. Think: seven-layer bars, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and whoopee pies. While those are welcome additions to deck out your sweets table, Defloured also makes standalone wedding cakes with their partners at Flour Cake and Pastry. Don't be fooled by the name-these cakes are still 100 percent gluten free.

__Sweet Ali's Gluten Free Bakery __

The bakery calls the western suburb of Hinsdale home. There, you'll find gluten-free everything, from sweet cookies and cupcakes to savory pizza and quiche. Of course, you made the trek for the wedding sweets. Once you select your cake flavor, filling, and topping during your custom cake tasting, a deliciously decorated dessert that captures your taste and wedding style will be in the making.

West Town Bakery

West Town Bakery prides itself on baking with local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Another plus: They're allergy-friendly and can skip gluten, nuts, and sugar (among other additives) if gluten is only one of your dietary restrictions. The master bakers can create traditional tiered wedding cakes as well as those with more intricate designs (rosette cake with ombrГ© icing, anyone?). For proof of their baking chops, swing by the West Town location or the outpost tucked inside River North's Acme Hotel to taste their signature cakeballs.


Vanille, Chicago's French-inspired bakery, may be best known for its macaroons, but its cakes shouldn't be overlooked. The cake designers put an emphasis on understanding your wedding-day style and will invite you to their dedicated tasting salon to discuss the day's themes, colors, and dГ©cor as you taste miniature versions of their cakes. Using classic European baking techniques, the cake designers will then create a gluten-free white buttercream or chocolate cake for your big day.

__Elysia Root Cakes __

They say the eye eats first, and Elysia Root Cakes knows how to master first impressions. Her portfolio runs the gamut from glamorous black-and-gold cakes to modern ones with geometric designs. Be warned: The cakes can be made gluten free, but cross contamination may occur since all cakes are baked in the same kitchen. If your allergy is severe, stick to another option on the list, since nothing would be worse than being sick on your wedding night.

__Swirlz Cupcakes __

The Lincoln Park bakery is credited with helping set off the Chicago cupcake trend. But if you have an expansive dessert lineup already, think beyond the cupcakes. Consider adding one of their gluten-free cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth and to capture the quintessential cake-cutting photo opp. The bakery's eight-inch cake serves up to 15 and has four layers of moist, gluten-free cake and three layers of creamy frosty.


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