5 Couples Who Majorly Regretted Having a Friend Officiate Their Wedding

5 Couples Who Majorly Regretted Having a Friend Officiate Their Wedding

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It's 2019 so couples are no longer looking to keep up with the Joneses, they are looking to keep up with the Kardashians. Which means couples planning weddings are asking themselves a question that's just getting harder and harder to answer: How can we make our wedding stand out?

And one way couples are distinguishing their weddings with meaningful moments are by incorporating their friends and loved ones into their celebration.

Take the ceremony, for example, which can be extra boring if it's officiated by someone who doesn't know a thing about the couple and only cares about the words on the paper. That's why people are starting to ask their friends the question: Will you officiate my wedding?

It might sound like an easy task to ask of a friend, but unfortunately, things don't always go as planned during weddings. Here are five couples who regretted having a friend officiate their wedding.

1. They Didn't Show Up

"My husband asked his best friend since the fourth grade to officiate our wedding. All he had to do was get ordained, and read a practically generic script we printed for him that we found on the Internet. He got ordained, but then on the day of the wedding, his phone was off. He was legit nowhere to be found! Imagine the panic! We spent a ton of money on this wedding and now the ceremony was going to be ruined by him. He ended up showing up an hour and a half late with the excuse that he got the time wrong. I shouldn't have been surprised. He was never the most reliable person and having a friend serve as a wedding vendor, a.k.a. the officiant, is just not a cool idea." - Laura M., 34

2. It Was a Hungover Mess

"I asked my big sister from my sorority (not blood related) to officiate our ceremony. She and I are super-close, and she also is a great public speaker, so I figured why not have her do it? Plus, neither of us are religious so we didn't want to go down the route of having a priest or rabbi do it. She wrote the ceremony practically from scratch and all was looking good. But the night before our wedding, we all got pretty drunk and she got extremely drunk. She was so hungover during the ceremony that she had to pause half way through and run to the bathroom and puke! I'm not even joking. I was horrified. She is still apologizing three years later." - Crystal F., 28

3. The Jokes Were Dry

"Every wedding ceremony I've ever sat through was so boring that I was secretly sneaking sips out of my flask. For my wedding, I wanted it to be different. We asked our friends who would officiate the ceremony and only one person said he would. He did the job, but the problem was, even though we hoped he would make it interesting and fun with his personality, it was as boring as sitting through a ceremony at a Catholic church. Major fail." - Erica E., 31

4. He Learned Winging It Was the Wrong Idea

"My wedding was perfect except for the ceremony. My biggest piece of advice? Never have a friend do your ceremony. We asked a mutual friend who promised us he'd get his shit together. He showed up with no script and no plan. He winged the entire ceremony. It should have been 15 minutes, but it was 45 minutes of him rambling about nothing and saying a lot of ummms." - Cheyenne D., 34

5. It Lacked Romance

"Basically, half way through the ceremony, my husband's good friend, who was also the best man, delivered his best man speech, with inappropriate jokes and all. He actually talked about a trip my husband and him took in college where my husband got blackout drunk and hooked up with a handful of different women. To say it lacked romance is an understatement. It was offensive and inappropriate, and I cried, not happy tears, the entire time." - Rachel B., 29

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