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Do I Have to Get Ready With My Entire Bridal Party?

Do I Have to Get Ready With My Entire Bridal Party?

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Even if every detail is perfectly organized and an expert wedding planner is at the reins, there's no guaranteeing a bride won't be stressed out or emotional on the morning of her wedding. If you have a large bridal party or are including other friends and family members in the getting-ready festivities, the pressure of being "on" starting first thing in the morning can be a lot to handle. So instead of heading to the salon with 15 friends in tow, can you opt to spend your wedding morning with a smaller group, instead? Here's what our experts have to say.

The morning of your wedding should be about getting you ready for your wedding day, not feeling like you have to host and entertain - that comes later! However, you also don't want to make anyone feel like they can't be part of your excitement. If you're nervous about getting ready with such a large group, consider planning to have some of your services done separately, then meeting up with everyone for the finishing touches. For example, you could hire a hair and makeup artist to come to your home or hotel room get you, your mom, and your sisters ready while your bridesmaids get ready at a salon, then all get dressed together. This way you have a little quiet time, but also can feed off of the excitement and energy!

If you're all having hair and makeup done together, your stylist will probably recommend that your services be the last ones they perform, making sure that you look the absolute freshest when you walk down the aisle. If you have a few hours before you need to get into the makeup chair, consider going for a solo manicure or hitting the gym, or buck tradition and go out to breakfast with your groom before the madness begins.

And of course, if you're feeling overwhelmed, don't be afraid to step away for a few minutes of quiet. One of the best reasons to reserve a hotel suite instead of just a room is that you can close the door between the bedroom and the living space for a little privacy! Otherwise, go for a walk, head out for coffee, or run a bath, turn up some tunes, and find a little zen.