How to Plan an Ultra-Luxe Honeymoon in Tokyo

How to Plan an Ultra-Luxe Honeymoon in Tokyo

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Throughout the cultural-centric country of Japan, tourism continues to steadily increase, with more and more visitors intrigued by the bustling cities, the charm of the nearby towns, authentic customs, and cuisine you can't find anywhere else in the world. For the wanderlust couple who craves a honeymoon that flies you far away from beaches and fruity drinks and takes you to the center of awe-inspiring madness, consider the country's capital-Tokyo-for your post-wedding vacation.

As you explore the juxtaposition of geometric skyscrapers and wild shows with robots against streets ripe with historic, Buddhist temples and buildings dating back centuries, you certainly won't be bored in this chaotic and colorful city. Your newlywed adventuring will include a fun list of must see's, from Takeshita Street for fashion and Shibuya Crossing to see the busiest intersection in the world, to a day trip to set your sights on the iconic Mount Fuji (or Disneyland Tokyo, if that's more your thing) to Tsukiji fish market for a 3 a.m. nightcap post-karaoke. Trust us when we warn you that you'll often find yourselves stopping in awe to stare at one another, wondering how you ended up in this eccentric city.

Because the craziness of this Asian city requires some much-needed downtime, consider these luxury honeymoon offerings that will give you space-and the romance-to unwind and process the many once-in-a-lifetime sights you'll witness along the way:

For the Best View in Town, Stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

Located in the heart of midtown, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo is what honeymoon dreams are made of, with sweeping 360-degree views of Tokyo Tower and Mt. Fuji from nearly every room. From the moment you arrive, an attentive staff (in white gloves, of course) will tend to your luggage and send you up to the 45th-floor lobby, where your first glimpse of Tokyo will take your breath away. What's unique about this hotel-especially for a honeymooning couple like you!-is the ideal balance between privacy and immersion.

Here, you can set your 'do not disturb' for alone time in one of their 254 rooms or suites or escape to their spa for a couples' massage and dip in the heated pool. And for when you're ready to join the mix, you can choose from three of their restaurants, lounges, and bars. With easy access to the metro system, located below the hotel itself, it's easy to get around-and to want to come back to this luxury oasis.

One highly-recommended perk if you stay in at least a Club Deluxe suite? A morning wake-up call that leaves coffee outside your door and a visit to the Club Lounge, where a talented chef whose been with the lounge since its inception will whip up a breakfast that'll fuel you all day. Don't forget to bow in gratitude, as the Japanese do, to the kimono-wearing hostess who will happily serve you traditional tea-or whatever you need in the A.M.

For City-Loving Honeymooners, Stay at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Just a 15-minute cab from Tokyo Station, is the spiraling Grand Hyatt Tokyo, offering impressive views of the streets below. As a luxury property, you can expect all of the amenities that come with it: club access for breakfast and cocktails, a top-notch concierge that goes above and beyond to ensure you're just-married retreat is special and of course, seclusion when you want to ahem, celebrate your nuptials. The convenient location of this hotel though is what city-slicking couples will enjoy the most. With many metro lines within walking distance, as well as shops, restaurants, and attractions, you can be in the middle of everything, without feeling overwhelmed. If your budget allows, splurging on the presidential suite will grant you and your spouse private access to the entire top floor, complete with its own private outdoor heated swimming pool. Want a more Japanese inspired experience, since hey, you're in Tokyo? Book the Ambassador Suite, featuring a traditional tatami mat dining room, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Mt. Fuji and a Japanese garden for some zen vibes.

For Foodie Couples, Stay at Peninsula

The gorgeous Marunouchi district overlooking the Imperial Palace is a luxury hotel that effortlessly marries the deep-rooted Japanese heritage with touches of modern advancements. When you stay at The Peninsula, you and your new spouse can spend time soaking in their serene pool area (with a view, to boot), lounging in one of their many suites or sipping coffee at their on-site bakery, with sweets and bread baked fresh daily.

But the true can't-miss experience is on the top of the tower at Peter Grill, where you can sample authentic Japanese cuisines. From Kagoshima pork Kurobuta to 40-day Japanese dry-aged striploin, this seasonally-fresh menu changes with the harvests, but always offers the essence of local flavor foodie couples seek while traveling. It helps that no matter if you're there by day or night, the 24th floor offers Instagram-worthy views of Hibiya Park and the palace.

For a Chance to Experience Part of History, Stay at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Part of the charm of Tokyo is its age, as evidenced by the many temples and ancient buildings meshed between new construction. For a honeymoon that offers more than a postcard view, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, located on a stretch of land that dates back more than 700 years. Surrounded by lush, beautiful gardens that were established in the Meiji era of Japan, you'll wake up savoring the serenity that this part of the world offers.

It's name translates to 'Japanese gem'-which is what you'll both feel like as you explore the historical artifacts, camellia trees and botanical wonders that offer a new adventure each season, from autumn foliage to glittering fireflies in the summer and cherry blossoms in the spring. Book the view bath suite to soak up both garden and skyline views with a spa-like bathroom. Or, book an authentic Japanese-style room to see how locals used to live hundreds of years ago. Last but not least, definitely make time for a Japanese tea ceremony at their authentic tea house, complete with kimono fitting and rental services, the only hotel in the region to offer this experience.

For a Honeymoon That Plans Itself, Stay at The Palace Hotel Tokyo

After completing all of the to-do lists pre-wedding and making a mad dash to the airport so you didn't miss your 14-hour (or more) haul to Japan, you might arrive in Tokyo ready to, well? Collapse. Because you don't want to miss out on the magic of your honeymoon, even if you're jet-lagged, consider staying at a hotel that offers pre-planned packages for you.

At The Palace Hotel Tokyo, an independent Japanese hotel that features history, culture, and art throughout its luxury accommodations, you can book one of their many 'Palatial Pursuit' packages that take care of every last detail. One fit for two head-over-heels honeymooners is the Savoring Tokyo experience that guides you through the local experiences you would regret skipping. It includes a selection of a bespoke sake tour with John Gauntner, the 'Sake Evangelist' who is a certified Master of Sake Taster, or a ramen tour with Brian MacDuckston, who has slurped noodles all over Japan in search of the best or a trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market in the wee hours between twilight and dawn, where you'll bring your catch back to the property to prepare.