Woman Walks Out of Wedding After Seeing Bizarre Menu Rule

Woman Walks Out of Wedding After Seeing Bizarre Menu Rule

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We've seen a guest raid a wedding buffet for leftovers, a bride require a $75 entrance fee to her wedding, and a maid of honor clean up 99 dead goldfish after a bride's wedding favor idea went horribly wrong-AKA, we thought we'd seen it all. That is, until one wedding guest shared the reason she walked out of a friend's wedding recently.

In a now deleted post on Mumsnet, the woman said everything about the evening was lovely, until she sat down to eat. Little did the guests know that the bride and groom went down a unique route for choosing meals-and by unique we mean sexist. "It was perfectly pleasant until we sat down to the wedding breakfast to see the menu was divided by sex," wrote the woman per Mirror. Yes, men were served one meal and women were served another…

To make matters worse, the women were seemingly served more undesirable food. According to the guest, here's what was on the menu: Men were served a mushroom risotto followed by roast beef, while female guests were served prawn risotto followed by grilled chicken and potatoes.

"Apparently the groom's parents are very traditional and this was their idea," she wrote. "Everybody at the table was outraged but no one said anything. I took one bit of my prawn risotto before deciding to leave."

Turns out, things got even worse after the woman left, according to The Sun. She later found out from other guests that the women had to watch as the men indulged in a chocolate bomb dessert and a glass of whiskey. Meanwhile, the women were only served a strawberry dessert.

"You would think they would have cut out that bulls**t as soon as it was suggested,” she continued.

Denying someone a delicious chocolate dessert is just plain cruel, but other Mumsnet users claimed that still didn't give the woman justification to walk out of someone's wedding. "I think YWBU you were being unreasonable. Yes it was incredibly sexist and outdated, but at a wedding that you are a guest at I think you should have kept your thoughts to yourself," wrote one user. "How must it have made the bride and groom feel to see (or find out later-which they will) that you walked out? Not a great wedding memory for them. It was rude of you."

Another user shared similar thoughts writing, "A bit of an overreaction if I might say. What happened to couples doing what they want at their own wedding?"

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However, some were on the side of the guest, applauding her protest against sexism. "You are not being unreasonable. It's difficult to believe that the B&G thought this level of sexism was acceptable, even if their parents did. Utterly bizarre," a user wrote.

You can never go wrong with giving guests options for their meals or going with a buffet for your wedding. But, if all else fails, just remember this: Never, ever deny someone chocolate cake.