These Complementing Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands Were Made for Each Other!

These Complementing Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands Were Made for Each Other!

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Your wedding band shouldn't only complement your engagement ring - those dazzling duos should look better together! Your bridal bauble should totally elevate the look of your engagement bling and vice versa. You're taking your relationship to new heights - why shouldn't those special sparklers come along for the ride? A complementing combo can go way beyond just a traditional round-cut diamond, paired with a classic silver band. These fresh engagement ring and wedding band pairings are modern, unique, and ultra-cool.

1. Yasuko Azuma Jewelry

The bubble-like diamonds of this sweet set are girlish and youthful, while the texturized yellow gold adds a unique touch. (Diamonds set in 18K yellow gold, $3,220 and $1,010, Yasuko Azuma Jewelry)

2. Polly Wales

They say that two's company and three's a crowd, but not when it comes to diamonds! This collection of perfectly stackable bands is totally timeless, but the edgy stone cuts modernize the lovely look. (Diamonds in 18K gold, starting at $6,700 each, Polly Wales available at Greenwich Jewelers)

3. Suzanne Kalan

Didn't you hear? Oval-cut rings are so in (just ask Louise Roe!). And don't forget the complementing pavГ© bands, fit for a classic beauty. (Diamonds set in 18K white gold bands, $3,000 for the set, Suzanne Kalan)

4. Kataoka

Talk about a Princess Bride! The detailing on this feminine set is totally royalty-worthy. With a surprisingly twisted band, scalloped bead frame, and rose-cut diamond, Kate Middleton would definitely approve. (Rose- and brilliant-cut diamonds in 18K gold, $1,680 and $1,285, Kataoka available at Ylang23)

5. Meadowlark

Wear your engagement ring alone and it's a simple and classic bauble. Throw on your two-piece wedding band and you're suddenly toting a sparkly starburst on your finger - and a symbol of your love, of course! (Diamonds and nine-karat yellow gold, $2,009 and $455, Meadowlark)

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6. Natalie K

A classic square-cut engagement ring meets a sleek silver wedding band. PavГ© diamonds and a notched band shape give it some extra oomph. (Diamonds set in 18K white gold bands, $2,900 and $2,410, Natalie K)

7. Catbird

Dainty and delicate, this elegant engagement ring hugged by a matching ultra-slim band, looks like a vintage heirloom piece. The rose gold hue adds a pretty warmth to the look. We can't help it - we're in love! (18K rose gold and diamond rings, $3,400 and $940, Catbird)

8. Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield's "Grand Tiara" diamond band is the perfect crowning touch to this halo sparkler. Get your hands ready for tons of ring selfies! With a sweet set like that, who could blame you? ("Round Rosette" and "Grand Tiara" 18K gold and diamond rings with a pavГ© halo, $6,100, and $1,500, Anna Sheffield)

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