The Best Remixes and Mashups for Your Wedding (and After-Party)

The Best Remixes and Mashups for Your Wedding (and After-Party)

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By now, you definitely know all of the most standard wedding songs - something romantic and meaningful to play during the first dance, something sentimental for the father-daughter dance, and so on. And, yes, it's a great idea to play some oldies hits and love songs that guests of all ages can dance to during the reception. But what happens when you want something a little different? Especially now that many couples opt for after-parties that feature music they actually like (no offense, "I Will Survive" and "We Are Family"), it's a good idea to make a list of tunes that feel fresh and different. With that in mind, we curated a Spotify playlist of mashups and remixes of current hits and all-time favorites that you'll love even more than the originals.

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Some of the best of these tunes give older songs a much-needed refresh. Check out Kygo's remix of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," Deadmau5's take on House of Pain's "Jump Around," and Montmartre's interpretation of Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Is This Love?" to start. Can't you imagine your guests going crazy for these if they're mixed in during a DJ set at your reception?

Remixes of newer songs are ideal for an after-party. Some of our favorites include Tiesto's version of John Legend's instant first-dance classic "All of Me," RAC's remix of Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans," and Cash Cash's radio mix of Bruno Mars's infectious hit "Treasure."

There's nothing wrong with putting a personal spin on a wedding playlist, and who knows - there might be a remix that you like better than the original song! Sit back, hit play, and you might just find yourself dancing in your seat.