Naya Rivera FINALLY Spills on Her Secret Wedding to Ryan Dorsey

Naya Rivera FINALLY Spills on Her Secret Wedding to Ryan Dorsey

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When Naya Rivera secretly wed actor Ryan Dorsey back in 2014, we were totally gleeful (Get it?) about the former Glee star tying the knot. But just hours after the happy news broke, the media started questioning the newlyweds about their possibly recycled big day. You see, Rivera called off her previous engagement to Big Sean just three months before making it official with Dorsey. And what's even more strange, is that the two tied the knot on the same day that Rivera initially chose for her wedding to the rapper. Reportedly, the actress selected the date and the Cabo San Lucas wedding locale back when she was still engaged to Big Sean. Juicy, right? Well, Rivera is finally setting the record straight on that secret (and scandalous!) wedding.

"The media eschewed it into this whole thing," Rivera told People magazine, referring to the groom switch-a-roo rumors. In fact, she continued, most people still don't know that her and her hubby shared a romantic relationship before their short engagement.

The real story? According to People, Rivera and her now-husband dated for a bit in 2010. A few weeks after Rivera broke up with Dorsey to focus on her career, she discovered she was pregnant and ultimately decided to terminate the pregnancy. A few years later, Rivera was planning her wedding to another man. But when that engagement was called off, Dorsey re-entered the actress' life when he contacted her - for the first time in years - with condolences about her recent breakup.

And you know how the rest of this story goes: Sparks flew, the two fell back in love, and Rivera jumped right back into wedding planning, but with an entirely different groom.

"It was good to tell our story and put the truth out there," said Rivera. "We've been married now two years and have a gorgeous son, and it feels good to let everyone know what really happened."

And there you have it! But no matter how they got to the altar, we're just happy these two managed to get their well-deserved happily-ever-after.


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