David Tutera is Engaged! And His Proposal Story Is Seriously The Most Adorable Thing Ever

David Tutera is Engaged! And His Proposal Story Is Seriously The Most Adorable Thing Ever

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Grab the tissues, you're going to need them. David Tutera is best known for his star-studded, elaborate wedding events, but we now know that he is top-notch at planning proposals in real life, too. The WE tv star just got engaged to his longtime partner in Hawaii, and the details of how it all went down are just too sweet. The celebrity event planner shared the adorable story of how his daughter helped him propose to his partner, Joey Toth, during a vacation in Hawaii.

"On my birthday, April 23, I proposed to my partner, Joey in Kona, Hawaii," Tutera dished to Radar Online. He went on to share the happy-tear-worthy details of how he asked Toth to be his husband - with the help of his 3-year-old daughter, Cielo - while the three were on vacation.

"I was planning it for a while. What I did was, my daughter Cielo who is just about to turn 3, her and I had been talking about it. Joey, me and Cielo love the beach. I found a location - I scoped it in the days leading up to April 23. This location is on sacred land; it's blessed by a high priest. So myself, Cielo, and Joey had just come off of a helicopter ride into the volcano. We were already on a high from that experience."

Then the serious business (read: proposal magic) began. "We got to this location, I said, 'Let's sit down. I told him to take his sunglasses off because I knew he didn't know what was going on. So I started to speak to him about how much he meant to us, and how happy he makes me and how excited I am about our journey to move forward. I was so nervous."

Of course, little Cielo helped pull off the proposal in the cutest way possible, asking the ever-important, life-changing question of spending forever with her dad. "I had practiced with Cielo for the whole week. I said, I want you to learn how to say, 'Will you marry us?'" he said. "And she looked at him in his eyes and said, 'Will you marry us?' He started to cry, I started to cry and his hands started to shake," Tutera noted. "I got on my knee, and did it the old fashioned way. He immediately said 'yes.' It was so beautiful."

The two have been dating for three years, after meeting through Tutera's friend and Toth's sister. Many phone calls and long distance visits later, they had a weekend date in Los Angeles, and the rest is history.

As far as the rings, Tutera had matching custom-designed black diamond bands created in Miami by Diamond Images. "They were custom designed and there are only two alike," he noted. The reason for the black diamonds is because we felt it had masculinity, yet importance without it being the clear diamonds." So on-trend, especially with all of the black diamond engagement rings we've been seeing lately!

So when is the happy couple planning to tie the knot officially? "We are looking at the month of December this year or maybe February 2017," Tutera shared. The lovebirds have been looking at venues in California, and contrary to what you'd expect for a wedding planner's wedding, they're going to plan it together. "We're going to do it so we get a chance to embrace the experience," he explained. "Joey and I are going to plan it together."



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