Maria Menounos Is Engaged! Get the Details on Her Shocking Proposal and Epic Engagement Ring

Maria Menounos Is Engaged! Get the Details on Her Shocking Proposal and Epic Engagement Ring

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Opa! Looks like a big, fat, Greek wedding is in the works for E! News host Maria Menounos. Her boyfriend of almost 19 years, Keven Undergaro, just popped the question to the entertainment journalist with a stunning engagement ring - and you'll never guess where he proposed. On a secluded beach at sunset? After a romantic, candlelit dinner? Nope! Undergaro shocked his longtime love right alongside side the biggest shock jockey of all time, proposing on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show!

Menounos, who is currently on a book tour for her newly-released cookbook, The EveryGirl's Guide to Cooking, stopped by the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday for a quick interview - but ended up walking out with some new bling on her finger!

During the interview, Stern, who was in on the proposal plan, began asking the Dancing with the Stars alum about her now-fiancГ©. "At the end of the day, Keven and I are partners in life," Menounos said, according to E!, mentioning how her Greek Orthodox parents didn't approve of their relationship at first and had to grow to accept the love of her life.

Cue Undergaro who suddenly popped into the room to pop the question. Menounos immediately became suspicious when her sweetheart reached for the mic. "Are you about to propose to me? I'm going to die," she nervously said, before Undergaro launched into an emotional speech.

"Listening to everything you said there… talking about what you've been through, I've been through, too," he began. "When we wanted to be together, we couldn't because people didn't want us together… It reminds me just how much I do love you, and although I said that this isn't a proposal, I want to ask you something. Would you make me the happiest man on earth and would you marry me?"

Menounos, in a state of shock and utter disbelief, hilariously asked, "Are you friggin' kidding me right now? Is this a joke?" Nope! It most definitely was not a joke! "This show's meant so much to both of us," Undergaro explained to his surprised fiancГ©. "I said, one day you will be on that show and you will be a star, and here you are." Too sweet!

Undergaro then whipped out a ring for his beautiful bride-to-be which immediately received the Menounos stamp of approval. "This is so beautiful and I hate engagement rings!" (Excuse us, Menounos?!)

The E! News host of course accepted, with a few more Oh my god's and I can't believe this, before Howard Stern surprised her once more by bringing out her parents, whose 41-year anniversary just happened to be that same day!

The only downside of a radio show proposal? We couldn't see the ring! Lucky for us, Stern later tweeted out photos of the epic moment.

See that beauty of a bridal bauble? It turns it's a custom-made creation from jewelry designer Jean Dousset, who explained to People that he collaborated with the groom-to-be while fashioning the perfect ring for Menounos. "The first question I asked Keven was, 'Has Maria ever said anything about what she would like her diamond cut and ring design to be?' Every girl does!" said Dousset. Well, not this girl. Not once in the couple's 19-year relationship has Menounos ever divulged her dream ring! "That was a first for me," shared Dousset. "So we imagined what the ring should be based on her personality and style. Bright and chic."

That translated to Dousset's "Seamless Halo" ring, which the designer set with a round-cut brilliant stone, along with 220 other brilliant-cut smaller diamonds. "Keven chose to add personal elements to the ring by including a signature stone hidden underneath," Dousset also noted to E! News. "The choice of color and origin of the stone adds thoughtful detail only he and Maria will know and see." An extra special bonus diamond for your eyes only? Um, we're totally stealing that idea!


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