Manolo Blahnik Re-Released Carrie Bradshaw's Iconic Blue Wedding Shoes

Manolo Blahnik Re-Released Carrie Bradshaw's Iconic Blue Wedding Shoes

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There was a lot to take in with Carrie Bradshaw's wedding look in the Sex and the City movie: Her bespoke Vivienne Westwood gown, her vampy makeup, and whatever that blue "bird" thing was that she wore in her hair… But of all of the pieces in her statement-making bridal look, the one item that has stood the test of time is actually one she wore at the end of the film, paired with her simple white suit at her and Mr. Big's courthouse wedding: Her blue Manolo Blahnik stilettos.

In honor of the movie's 10th anniversary-which also marks the 10th anniversary of the shoe's debut-Manolo Blahnik re-released their "Hangsi" high heel as part of a special edition collection.

The “Decade of Love” limited launch included seven styles, all inspired by Carrie's iconic wedding shoe. A blue high heel and flat embroidered with the phrase, "A Decade of Love" in script; a cream high heel and flat emblazoned with a map of New York City; blue, pink and white checkered high heels; and black and white heels and flats with the word "love" calligraphed multiple times across the silk. Prices ranged from $985 to $1065.

Courtesy of Manolo BlahnikВ В

"The Hangisi has since transformed from fashion fantasy to the quintessential, instantly recognizable silhouette it is today," stated the brand's websites. "The capsule collection, A Decade of Love is inspired by New York City in dedication to the 'Manolo' woman and her long-standing love for this special shoe."

Courtesy of Manolo BlahnikВ

Since Carrie Bradshaw selected the Hangsi as her "something blue" a decade a go, a number of brides have followed suit for their own big days. Olivia Palermo famously paired the shoe with a white sweater and princess skirt for her 2015 wedding, proving that the shoe works just as well for a bridal look now as it did back when Carrie was stood up at the altar (a move we still haven't forgiven Mr. Big for, by the way).

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The movie gained the shoe a notorious place in fashion and pop culture history, which designer Manolo Blahnik says happened by happy accident. “It's torture-it's a horror story. It just goes on and on,” he joked to Footwear News of the shoe's mass popularity. “It's one of those things that I cannot explain, but I do thank God for it. I never do things thinking they are going to be iconic. It was just a coincidence.”


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