These Married Couples Prove That First Impressions Don't Matter

These Married Couples Prove That First Impressions Don't Matter

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We've all had one-that really bad first date that didn't lead to a second. But some couples can look past first faux pas and give second chances, and for these people the risk turned out to have a very big reward: marriage. Here, they take us through those no-good first impressions, then tell us why they gave their now-spouses a second chance.

He Went From Unrefined to Sweet as Sugar

"I met my now-husband on an online dating site, and although he was very nice, he just wasn't my type," says Lori. "He did a lot of things wrong on the first date that turned me off. For starters, he walked in with sneakers and a wrinkly T-shirt. Then, he didn't seem to care about what others thought of him when it came to social etiquette; he spoke really loudly, ordered a ton of food for the table, and ate with his mouth open. I made an excuse to get home ASAP because I thought it was going horribly."

But, she continues, "three years later, he reached out to me again. I was single and remembered that although I didn't like some of his personality traits, he was good-looking, very sweet, and extremely successful. He also was well-mannered, in that he had opened the door for me, he'd pulled out my chair, and he was attentive when I spoke. I was also more mature three years later and ready for that type of person to come into my life. Well, the second first date turned out to be the best date I had ever had, and after a whirlwind courtship, he proposed to me after just nine weeks, and we are now married with two beautiful daughters."

He Talked Too Much, but She Saw Another Side of Him

"At our first meeting, my future husband spent more than an hour talking about himself," says Rachell. "To make it worse, he really didn't even have any interesting stories. It was just 'I do this' and 'I do that.' Every attempt of mine to respond or to have an actual conversation was immediately turned back to him talking about himself. It was one of the most painfully boring hours of my life."

"I gave him a second chance because of a story I had read one time," she says. "It goes like this: a male pediatrician goes out on a first date with a woman and is so nervous, he's a total clod. His date was planning on never seeing him again, but during their first-date dinner, he got an emergency call from one of his patients and had to rush off-with his date in tow. She got to see the real him-how good he was with his patient and his family and how intelligent and caring he was. If he hadn't gotten that emergency call during their first date, she would never have known what a wonderful person he was and they never would have married. So, I remembered that story and gave my now-husband a second chance. We've been married more than 20 years."