This Couple Had an Unconventional Wedding at the Cleveland Airport After Meeting at Baggage Claim

This Couple Had an Unconventional Wedding at the Cleveland Airport After Meeting at Baggage Claim

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Most of us try to spend as little time in the airport as possible-and when we're told that a delay will keep us there longer than desired, we usually get supremely frustrated. And don't even get us started about the tedious time spent waiting for luggage to (hopefully) arrive. But for one couple, the baggage claim area at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport holds such special meaning that the actually decided to hold their unconventional wedding there.

On Saturday, Michelle Belleau and Ron Peterson tied the knot at the spot where they first met 12 years ago. In 2007, Belleau, who worked in concert promotions, was dispatched by her boss to pick up Peterson, a client and the president of Rotten Records, at claim area six.

The pair had a long-distance relationship for years with her in Cleveland and him in Los Angeles. “It was both the happiest place and the saddest place,” Belleau told about the airport. It all depended on whether they were reuniting or saying goodbye. She even says that Southwest Airlines and their companion-pass benefit helped them maintain their relationship in spite of the miles between them.

Eventually Belleau moved to California and the couple now has two daughters. When they decided to wed, Peterson had an idea. “He said he really wanted to get married at the place we first met,” Belleau says. "I couldn't think of anything more perfect.” After some cajoling, airport officials agreed to let them do it and the couple even had save-the-date cards for their 125 guests designed to look like Southwest luggage tags and the actual invitations like boarding passes. The airline even shifted arriving bags to a different conveyor belt during the ceremony and helped with decorations.

The wedding was a first for the airport. "To our knowledge, we have never had a wedding at the airport," a spokesperson for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport told CBS News.

Congrats to the happy couple-and we'd love to know if the airline helped out with honeymoon tickets too.

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