Anna Wintour's Daughter, Bee Carrozzini, Recycled a Dress She Wore to a Wedding for the CFDA Awards

Anna Wintour's Daughter, Bee Carrozzini, Recycled a Dress She Wore to a Wedding for the CFDA Awards

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The annual Council of Fashion Designers of America (or CFDA) Awards each year are often referred to by those in the industry as the "Oscars of the fashion world." The biggest designer names, along with plenty of A-list celebrities and models, are always on hand to dole out honors for achievements like Womenswear Designer of the Year or Fashion Icon (which went to bride-to-be Jennifer Lopez this year).

Of course, this means that everyone's looks are very on point. It's not the kind of event where people tend to re-wear a look we've seen before-unless you happen to be Bee Carrozzini, the daughter of Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour. Carrozzini's intricately embroidered, short-sleeve floral dress may have looked familiar to any of the 141,000 people who follow her on Instagram. And that's because just 48 hours earlier, she wore the dress to the wedding of her good friend, Selby Drummond in Anguilla.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

She posted this shot of the dress on Instagram over the weekend.

Obviously, someone in Carrozzini's position has access to pretty much any designer dress on the planet, so it's pretty cool to see her recycling a look, down to the earrings and a similar hairstyle so soon after the first event. Drummond's wedding was also attended by Wintour, so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that she approved of the re-wear-which we'll take to mean that recycling dresses for the multiple weddings you're attending this summer has the highest fashion seal of approval.

Also, kudos to Carrozzini on an excellent job of not only not spilling anything on the dress during the reception, but also for expertly transporting it to New York City in perfect condition. We'd love to know her tips on that.

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