This Bride Called Out Her 'Snobby' Friend After a Disagreement About the Length of Bridesmaid Dresses

This Bride Called Out Her 'Snobby' Friend After a Disagreement About the Length of Bridesmaid Dresses

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Picking out bridesmaid dresses can be tricky for even the most easygoing bride and bridesmaids. You're trying to find something that works for different body types and personal styles, while also fitting in with the wedding's theme or design aesthetic. And yes, that can sometimes lead to disagreements between friends.

Take this bride who shared her dilemma on a wedding-shaming page on Facebook. According to MamaMia, the bride-to-be shared some images of maroon, above-the-knee dresses as inspiration for her bridesmaids, who were picking out their own dresses that fit with the wedding's color scheme. After viewing the photos, one bridesmaid replied, "Longer is more appropriate. We're not going to a BBQ. I know you don't want to be super fancy but I think it would be look better in photos and look more wedding appropriate."

That's when the bride took her grievances and photos of the dresses to Facebook. "Can I shame my bridesmaid for dissing these dress options and being snobby about it?" she wrote. "The wedding is at a park in Florida in early October, so pretty casual, and she wants everyone to wear long dresses because it's 'more wedding appropriate.' " One problem: Her bridesmaid was also a member of the same Facebook group, in which she then shared screenshots of her text messages with the bride. Yikes…

"So I'm here to shame myself as my best friend's bridesmaid from hell because I've been on her case about what kind of dresses she wants us to wear for her wedding," the bridesmaid wrote. "She's told me she doesn't care as long as we're comfortable and within her color scheme-last night I asked for picture references of dresses to go off of." The text messages (which you can read here) indicate that while there was some initial snarkiness, the two seemed to come to an agreement where said bridesmaid would pick something along the lines of the bride's suggestion. But then, why share with a Facebook group both were members of?

People in the group, of course, weighed in. "You literally asked for her opinion and then got mad and shamed her on a group for giving her opinion," one said. While another remarked, "Imagine putting your own friend and bridesmaid on blast in front of thousands of people WHERE SHE CAN SEE IT."

Hopefully, these two were able to work things out.

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