Jennifer Lawrence and Her FiancГ© Cooke Maroney Were Spotted Checking Out Wedding Venues!

Jennifer Lawrence and Her FiancГ© Cooke Maroney Were Spotted Checking Out Wedding Venues!

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Jennifer Lawrence has been keeping a fairly low profile since getting engaged to Cooke Maroney in February. Other than showing off her new engagement ring at the Christian Dior show in Paris earlier this year we haven't heard much from the A-lister about wedding plans.

(There was that epic night out in New York City with Adele, which some fans thought might be a bachelorette party, but it was a reach.)

While this private time has likely been lovely for Lawrence and Maroney, but it's been tough on fans hungry for details on the upcoming wedding.

But now People is reporting that there are indeed wedding plans being made and the couple recently looked at two luxury NYC hotels as possible venues-perhaps for the wedding itself or some sort of pre-wedding festivities.

Wherever the wedding takes place, the magazine says that that the event will be family-focused. “I would be surprised if the wedding were not a fairly extensive family affair,” a source says. Lawrence is originally from Kansas; Maroney, who works in the art world and is based in New York, grew up in Vermont, where his parents own a farm.

It wouldn't be a stretch to guess that Adele and Lawrence's BFF, Amy Schumer, will also make the guest list. And hopefully Schumer will repay the favor and sob through the ceremony, like Lawrence did when the comic married chef Chris Fischer last year.

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